In the construction of private houses the most popular strip Foundation. Most often it is made monolithic, but often used and combined to tape. It consists of blocks.
Types of blocks for Foundation

For the construction of the Foundation for the house, you can use either blocks of heavy concrete (FBS), or lightweight aggregate. Small buildings (barns, bathhouses, sanitary facilities) can be installed on concrete blocks. Despite the apparent fragility, they are able to withstand considerable loads. But such a base can be build only on stable soils. Otherwise, under the influence of forces heaving it will quickly crack.
About the concrete blocks

These products are better than others suitable for the construction of the Foundation. They are strong, durable, have standard sizes, which greatly facilitates the process of building the base. But they have one minus - a lot of weight. Therefore, the installation tape you need to use lifting equipment.
There are three types of concrete blocks: hollow (FBP), with cutouts for communication (FBV) and wall (FBS). All these products are produced in accordance with the adopted standard. The blocks are the same – 580 mm, but the width and length are different. All types of products are available in the widths 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm. Standard length 780, 1180, 2380 mm. is Optimal for construction of Foundation of FBS blocks with a width of 50-60 cm and a length of 2380 mm. the Use of this material allows to minimize the number of vertical joints and significantly reduces the time of engagement of the lifting equipment, which significantly reduces the cost of construction.
Plants produce and special Foundation plate FL. These products are intended for the construction of various types of bases for buildings and have the standards of a width of 600, 800, 1000, 1200-3200 mm. In private construction, it is possible to use products of a width of 60-80 cm Plates FL are made of concrete of high marks and reinforced with steel frame.
About aggregate concrete blocks

These products are much lighter weight than the blocks of heavy concrete. They have a lower conductivity as the filler is expanded clay, which is suitable as insulation. That is, the base of these blocks will better preserve it and keep it warm. In strength they are inferior to concrete, but more simple in styling. The price of these products is significantly lower than that of the blocks of heavy concrete (FBS, FCS, etc.). Products of optimum concrete for the construction of foundations for light buildings: karkasnyi, from foam concrete, panels, slacocasino.