Start with learning the blueprints of your home. Plan of the foundations is an integral part of any construction drawing. Remember that the Foundation blocks are placed only under the load-bearing outer and internal bearing walls of the house. The blocks of the Foundation walls are formed on the plants of concrete grade of 100 or 200 (enhanced).
Prepare the Foundation for construction work, to be completed with mounting hardware base plate. Foundation blocks are commonly the walls of the basement, so to properly calculate their number for further convenient use. Slabs and blocks have a securing loop so that it is easy to capture and understand.
Lay the Foundation blocks in cement-sand mortar thickness of 20 mm using a ligation of vertical joints. The installation should be performed as shown in the project, so no problems with communication to home.
Foundation blocks lay only on the leveled surface. If the construction is carried out without base seat and using hollow blocks, pre-place a layer of concrete on the ground.
The blocks used for foundations exposed to aggressive environments, are made with additives to increase resistance of concrete. But don't forget about the insulation of the event. To protect the basement walls from penetration of capillary moisture use the horizontal okleechnoy waterproofing, membrane waterproofing of vertical surfaces in contact with ground basement walls horizontal waterproofing in the form of inclusion of the fatty layer of cement mortar in the underlying layer of the floor of the basement, profundamente drainage, limiting the level of ground waters during their seasonal rise.