Understand that with a guy all over, if you no longer feel towards him any warm feelings. Sometimes, the girl continues to be close with a young man out of pity, out of habit or out of fear of being alone. For these motives it is impossible to build a happy love Union. Therefore, it is important to be honest with myself and admit that love and interest to a man you do not feel.
Analyze the behavior of the young man. If he ceased in any way to Express their feelings to you, not takes the initiative in your relationship and not seeking spends more time with you, maybe he lost interest in you. In this case it is not necessary to impose. If you are the right guy, he will sooner or later go away. Is painful and a long separation, it is better to explain everything and cause a young person to have a Frank conversation.
Evaluate the prospects of your meetings. If in this period, you want to build your future with your soul mate, and your boyfriend keeps in mind a completely different life goals, maybe you better leave. Consider if the same as your Outlook, attitude to the family, plans for the future. If they are radically different, find the strength to say goodbye to a young man and concentrate on finding a more suitable candidate in the Cavaliers.
Let's see whether developing your relationship. Maybe they got stuck on some stage and you both have long been bored with this novel. In this case, it is recognized that a happy marriage you have failed, and with a guy it's over.
Consider your young man has serious flaws, which you cannot reconcile. It is not necessary to shut eyes to significant flaws in the habits or character of the man who is next to you. Understand that over time, the contradictions between you will only grow. If no compromise is possible, it is better not to torment himself or the boyfriend.
Prislushat to yourself to understand how you are comfortable in these respects. Analyze whether you feel happy or novel brings you only grief, anxiety and disharmony. If you are a bad young man, it is better to break up with him. Remember when you felt better before or after the beginning of the novel. If you chose the first option, next to you is clearly not your man.
Evaluate how well you are with a young man in intimate terms. Maybe in bed is something to strive for, what to correct. If any changes the guy agrees, because it suits all, maybe it's time to say goodbye to this selfish. Understand that intimate relationships play an important role in his personal life. Disharmony in this area cannot be a substitute for intimate conversations or common interests.