If you want to return your skin lost firmness or to make sure that it remained so as long as possible, you can not do without exercise. It can be a regular morning exercise, sports, fitness, gymnastics, yoga or dancing – someone like that, but it fuels the body with vivacity and energy, improves metabolism and blood circulation and, hence, the skin gets the necessary nutrients and is enriched with oxygen.
Once you are actively out for exercise, take a contrast shower. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of your blood vessels, cleanses the pores of the skin, accelerate regeneration of cells, and externally, the skin becomes healthy, prettier and stronger. During water procedures try to make a light massage of the skin, then apply a scrub body, then rinse with the shower gel. Scrub apply need not often and preferably after bath when the skin steams her pores are easier to clean.You can prepare a natural scrub at home: it's candied honey or sea salt mixed with sour cream.
Apply on skin light moisturizer. This must be done every day to improve its elasticity and firmness.
Give your skin the extra nourishment – apply the mask. The simple but effective mask made from olive oil. It will moisturize your skin and saturate it with minerals and vitamins. A similar mask is used by many women. Try, maybe this method of moisturizing and nourishing your skin will like you.
To work on your skin and professionals. If you have the ability to at least occasionally visit the beauty salon or SPA is a comprehensive skin care and get a good result.
If you want to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, take care about good nutrition. Fresh vegetables and fruits, easy, boiled meat and fish, low sweet and starchy foods will have a beneficial effect on the skinand your figure in General.