Family code konkretisiert reasons for filing to the Department of records of acts of civil status valid statement about marriage and legally predostavlyaet the possibility of marriage with a woman or older at the time of filing the written appeal of the marriage the age of sixteen.
The most important factor influencing the official marriage under age, is a voluntary intentions of both parties. Therefore, if one of the future spouses against the marriage, then this fact can be a major grounds not only for divorce but also the recognition of the marriage is a sham.
So, the marriage of a person under sixteen years of age may, if it established the fact of pregnancy. This fact is confirmed by an appropriate certificate, which easily can be taken in a medical facility. The priority during pregnancy is automatically reduced, and paint the happy couple can be a convenient day for them, but with the written consent of the local authorities.
Other reasons are: the presence of a common child, the call of men into the armed forces for compulsory state service, the actual marriage and the creation of direct threat of life of one wishing to enter into a mutual marriage of the parties.
If for circumstances of life directly coincides with the requirements of the legislation, then the girl has a chance to marry in 16 years. However, the procedure for registration of marriage is not the end. Before you contact the Department of records of acts of civil status, you should obtain the formal consent of local authorities.
To comply with legal procedures for obtaining consent must apply to the local authority, which are the administration of the district or city or multi-purpose center. Conventional treatment in one of the institutions need to submit the following documents: passports of both parties; a written statement that is completed by each party in person; written consent of parents of minors.
When applying to the above authority, are all named parties i.e. the bride and groom, the legal representatives of the girl. The entire procedure takes place in the presence of a representative of the office of guardianship.
After receipt of the written consent to the marriage on the part of local governments, the bride and groom may self-refer to statement on desire to enter into a joint marriage on the records of acts of civil status.