Stones Zodiac signs


For Aries, the best mascot will be the diamond. It gives him the strength to overcome any difficulties, strengthens and encourages perseverance in moments of mental weakness. Amethyst calms and relieves stress, sapphire will help not to lose my temper, and ruby to cope with emotional pain.


Taurus main stone is an emerald. He brings joy, fun and harmony, holding back the fatal passion. Chrysoprase Taurus gives determination and protects from losses and setbacks helps to achieve success. Chalcedony brings joy and restores inner strength.


The Gemini stones: agate, alexandrite, beryl and Topaz. Agate teaches Gemini to be more patient and helps to make the right decision. Alexandrite calms the nerves and smooths out the conflicts. Beryl brings good luck and helps to achieve desired results, helps to strengthen family relationships. Topaz soothes and balances the emotions, calms the Twins with nervous exhaustion.


Mascots for people born under the sign of Cancer, are: pearl, emerald, moonstone and cat's eye. Pearls Cancer develops intuition, attracts luck and is a reliable protection against negative energy. The emerald is uplifting and relieves you from the sad thoughts. "Cat's eye" protects from damage. Moonstone solves problems in matters of the heart bestowing the gift of eloquence and persuasion.


People born under the sign of Leo, derive their energy from the Sun, so amber brings happiness only the sign. Olivine improves the relationship of Leo with others makes him stronger and reveals hidden potential. Topaz helps the lion to climb the corporate ladder and win the favour of superiors.


Virgins bring happiness jade and Jasper. Jasper will help Virgo to establish family relationships and become more tolerant. Jade strengthens vitality and protects from disease.


This sign fit aquamarine, lapis lazuli and tourmaline. With aquamarine will become easier to endure sharp mood swings that are characteristic of the representatives of this sign. Lapis clears your mind and keeps you young. Tourmaline enhances the positive qualities of Libra and has a positive effect on the endocrine system.


Suitable stones – garnet and black opal. Grenade attributed magical properties. This stone has the power to grant power over people and its also called the stone of fidelity, friendship and gratitude. Black opal soothes the Scorpion and teaches to know yourself and improve.


This sign of the Zodiac fit yellow Topaz, turquoise and beryl. Turquoise Sagittarius brings good luck in business and brings wealth. Decoration with Topaz better wear on the road. Chrysolite helps to develop intuition and warns against rash actions.


People who were born under this sign fit the ruby, onyx and green malachite. Rubin will bring the Capricorn happiness in love and committed to gain favor from others. Onyx will give power over people, and unravel the secret plans of the rivals. Malachite has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and relieves insomnia.


The stones of this sign are amethyst and zircon. Amethyst helps Aquarius to have faith in their own strength and to concentrate better on the task. Amethyst also protects Aquarius from the envious and dishonest people. Zircon improves mental faculties and awakens the Aquarius's desire for Sciences.


Lucky stones for Pisces are aquamarine, amethyst and pearls. Aquamarine gives the Fish the courage and feeling of self-worth. Amethyst brings luck, it is easier to achieve reciprocity in love. Pearls promotes well-being and longevity

What stones should not be worn

Each Zodiac sign has its antipode. It is a sign that is separated from it by 180 degrees in the circle.

Aries – Libra, Taurus – Scorpio, Gemini – Sagittarius, Cancer – Capricorn, Leo – Aquarius, Virgo – Pisces. The stones of these pairs of characters are contraindicated for each other, and it is advisable to consider this when choosing your mascot.