Perform regular exercises. Physical load on the muscles will inevitably lead to the improvement of the skin. The lack of it causes sagging and unattractive. Give your stomach at least twenty minutes a day and skin condition will improve in a month. Lie on the floor, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor, put your hands behind your head. Lift the body using only the abdominal muscles without straining the neck. Repeat 20-30 times.
From the same starting position and lift the body, twisting it. Reach with your elbow to the opposite knee. This exercise will tighten the sides and will form the waist. Perform any other exercise that gives the load on the press. Choose their optimal combination individually, do not try immediately to do a lot of repetitions. Increase the load slowly.
Stretch the muscles on the abdomen. Stretching - an essential element of beauty of your body. Do it as often as possible. Make slopes, pull on the hand as far as possible. Starting position for the next exercise - the push-up position. Straighten your arms, pull body up behind his head.
Follow the food. Improper diet and poor digestion are the cause of the rounding of the belly and worsening skin condition on it. Eat less fat, sweet, flour. Lean on fruits and vegetables.
Remember about moisturizing. Any area of skin on the body needs it. Purchase lotions with firming effect, use them every night, putting on clean, dry skin. Hydrated skin is much longer retains firmness and elasticity.
Follow the posture. Correct posture not only guarantees the absence of problems with the spine and internal organs, but also beautiful appearance. Including your belly. Straighten your back, you will tighten the abdomen and keep his muscles in constant tension. This has a positive impact on the condition of the skin on it.