Diet for stomach and sides: get rid of the excess

To tighten the stomach, follow the diet. Reduce the consumption of meat, fatty foods, sweets. Exclude from menu foods that contribute to bloating legumes, sweet fruits, raw cabbage, carbonated beverages. Refrain from too many calories in fruits and desserts as well as alcoholic beverages, stimulants appetite. Instead of coffee, check the water in the body, drink freshly brewed green tea, and clean drinking water.
Be sure to include in the diet foods rich in fiber. They provide normal digestion, not allowing the toxins to linger in the body.

Creams, massages and wraps: remove saggy belly

To tighten sagging skin will help home treatments. Learn the techniques of self-massage. Every evening massage the folds of fat on the abdomen, RUB them with the edge of the palm, pinch - this will ensure blood flow and stimulates the metabolism. To massage acted more effectively align it with the application of a firming cream or gel. Choose easily absorbable means with caffeine, extracts of seaweed and other active components. Apply on the abdomen and waist twice a day, once after bathing.

Effective technique of getting rid of excess body fat homemade body wraps with seaweed. The dry leaves are moistened with warm water, applied to the area press and fix the film. The procedure lasts 20-30 minutes. After that, the algae can be removed, and the skin apply cleanser.
If homemade treatments seem to be ineffective, try salon programs for skin tightening.

Charging for stomach and waist

Best remove sagging belly special exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles. Exercise daily, with sessions at least 15 minutes. Three times a week to do more intense exercises using weights. The best time to charge in the morning or evening. Exercises for the stomach do in a slow tempo, with good amplitude.

Before class, make a workout - for example, dance at a fast pace for 5-7 minutes. Then do the bending forward-backward, left-right and rotations in different directions. Each movement repeat 10 times. This workout not only warm up muscles, but also help to improve posture and coordination.

After warming up, go to the main complex. Lying on the floor, lift the straight leg to 30-40 cm from the floor. Do skrashivaya move your legs without bending the knees and not the back rotting. Perform 6-8 movements, lower legs. Do at least 10 repetitions.

Bend your knees, putting the feet under the support. The sigh slowly sit down, keeping it chained in the castle's hands on his head. Hold for a few seconds and return to starting position with a deep exhale. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

Get on your knees, leaning on straight arms, keep your back straight. Take a deep breath, and then exhale while drawing the abdominal wall. Round your back and drop your head. Hold for 6-8 seconds and then relax your muscles and inhale. Repeat 10-12 times.

Lying on your back, lift bent legs so that his knees touched his chest. Hold for a few seconds and put your feet on the floor. Exercise can be difficult, lowering the straight legs behind your head. Repeat every option 8-10 times.