Troubadour. This is the main character of a famous tale. It is characterized by the courage, tenacity and lack of discouragement. Troubadour for the entire cartoon trying to reunite with the king's daughter. Its prototype was a dandy of a fashion magazine. In 1969, when he published a cartoon image of a man in flared
governmental trousers and have hair like all the Beatles fans were the most appropriate. Voiced musician Oleg anofriyev. He sang most of his parties.
Donkey. The name of the Bremen town musician does not reflect personality traits. The donkey had a different nickname but refer neporotovo animal. But in the cartoon he showed himself as a bright and creative rock artist. Its prototype was the famous musician and singer Alexander Gradsky. His genius as a master of scene put in the episode a concert in the king's court. There was shown a cover of lullaby.
Cock. The character name corresponds with the name of a bird. He didn't have a creative prototype, and he showed himself as a silent hero, only occasionally behaving actively. But if the heroes got into trouble, the Cock is always rescued them, taking advantage of the ability to fly and cunning.
Cat. Hero Cat from Bremen, which is so called in the cartoon and book, something reminiscent of the Soviet animation of Puss in Boots. He's as energetic and cheerful. It is immediately evident that he's a drifter who knows how to stand up for themselves. This vivid and memorable character.
Dog. Few of the Bremen town musicians name was special. The dog also had nicknames. It was a very sad cartoon character. But despite the discouraging events of his life, he found true friends and companions, with whom he was not so sad. This character is masterly plays the guitar during the whole animation.