Analyze the argument and try to understand what was the cause of the quarrel. If the occasion is a breeze, for example, you or she was in a bad mood because of problems at work, and the accumulated negative hit on your best friend, you can easily make it up in a few days. It is more difficult in the case where you disagreed, or strongly quarreled quarrel over men – will have to try to reconcile the contradictions, and it may take more than one week.
Give each other time to cool off after a quarrel. When you're both on the emotions, attempt reconciliation may lead to more fighting, so leave my friend alone so she and you might think about the incident, to understand his guilt and realize that you want to continue the friendship. But do not over tighten – do not expect the first step from her, do it yourself, otherwise the fight can take a long time. Don't focus on who is right, because if you love her, then the blame should not be the determining factor.
Call, send SMS, write to the email address or social network 2-3 days after quarreling. Both of you calm down by that time and want to resume the relationship, so it's not important who was the first to say: "I'm Sorry". If you can visit then this is the best option, because the joy of reconciliation in person will be much stronger than on the phone and, especially, on the Internet or SMS.
Ask forgiveness if you are at fault in a serious relationship. Find the right words to convince a friend in sincere repentance and desire to reconcile. Explain why you did wrong, show that you acknowledge their guilt and reassure your best friend that you never make the same mistake. It's better to talk in person 7-10 days after an argument. If a friend sees that you really understand his wrong actions, then she will be happy to compromise, because you are her family.
If a strong argument to blame your best friend, then proceed according to the situation: it is logical to assume that she should apologize, and you can wait when she wants to reconcile. But you know your friend better than anyone, so if you realize that pride will not allow her to make the first move, then you go to contact, because you value a relationship with her, and even anger prevents you from thinking about your best friend, knowing that she just can't get over yourself.