Small children can not without friends in the game, and while together, they actively and rapidly experiencing emotions. It can be jealousy, resentment, and even envy. Children don't hide anything, they cry and tell their parents about their problems. Do not think that as they get older something changes.

Of course, the friends learn to control their emotions, to control his temper. Often people who are able to analyze able to understand that are guilty of this problem or try to understand the offender. However, rarely may not experience anger, resentment, envy or something like that that destroy any relationship. These feelings can be hidden, to swallow, but they are not going anywhere.

The permanent concealment of emotions leads to an accumulation of negativity and discontent with each other. A huge number of friendly couples break up for this reason. It does not matter men or women, what their age and field of activities. Everyone tries to hide their dissatisfaction with others, accumulating more and more resentment.

Naturally, if a person has a rich inner world and forgiving nature, it is much easier to establish a relationship. In addition, the kind and responsive people easily forgive wrongs and forget about all the rough edges. However rare, who boasts made the perfect character, and ability are all and always forgive. Anyway, people are mutual confrontation.

Any relationship in need of repair. Over them need to work to clarify and try to change yourself for the better. Because only real friends can help in the most difficult moment, and the ability to build relationships with people to change any personality for the better. The friendship was maintained for many years, it is impossible to gloss over some discontent, unclear moments, to conceal the offense. You need to talk to each other, in spite of the fear to spoil relations.

Just the contrary, the silence leads to stealth, insincerity in friendship and discord in the future. Don't be afraid to clarify the relationship, calmly saying that you don't like in certain situations. You will be surprised how effective simple and easy, symbols of their discontent. Most importantly, do not give in to emotions and not go to showdown.