Offended has several stages. The earliest people are not willing to listen and hear each other. Everything you need to not commit follies, to disperse at different angles. Perhaps even to live separately. No talking - this is normal. To communicate the first time, notes and SMS is also OK. Natural convergence after a quarrel should be gradual. At this stage you can not behave rude, to intrude into the personal space and show my aggressive side. Drunk calls, threats, flirting with her best friend, hoping to cause jealousy not only repel the favorite, but also provoke her anger and desire for revenge. Then in the course can go anything. And damage things, and the drain of the compromising photos to the Internet, and dirty gossip. No wonder William Shakespeare said that the worst fury in hell can not be compared with the aggrieved woman. If a man wants peace, he should not kindle the fire of war. When the emotional fervor will fade, there will be time for reflection about yourself, about relationships and about how to live. Usually girls experience at this stage, longing, resentment, guilt. They start to get bored, it fills them with desire to speak and to listen. Worst of all, if she is silent or avoids contact even in three to five days after a quarrel. It's the depression, and the girl in this state do not care. It is now closer than ever to collapse. At this point, to show himself as a man sensitive, emotional, aware of his mistake (even if it was not, that nobody cares) and ready to fix it. Soft, sincere conversation will help to build relationships. And the reason for the conversation will be a romantic gesture, which depends on the financial possibilities and imagination of the young man. The momentum that will change relationships, can become a banal inscription in white paint on the pavement, and a music room with a Serenade, and the gift that is accompanied by a warm letter. After reconciliation comes the stage of euphoria, which can last from several days to two to three months. It depends on the temperament of lovers. Choleric often argue, but quickly return to their original positions. Phlegmatic long some pent-up resentment and longer worried that after reconciliation they need a lot of TLC. Sanguine other are more willing to listen to reason. They might make up just because it is so necessary: because of the joint child, housing, informed of their commitments. Do not think that the man, apologizing first, humiliated. It is only the first takes control of the situation, induces the girl to the conditions which he voiced himself. It is the man-peacemaker demonstrates his noble character, his generosity and wisdom manifests as a desire to protect the relationship is a symbol of a Mature and integral personality.