What to consider

There are two ways to make changes in the apartment: it is a rebuilding and redevelopment. In the reconstruction of the migration or replacement of equipment, engineering networks. All changes are made in the technical passport of the apartment. If we talk about remodeling, it involves wall demolition, transfer openings. Any changes to the configuration of the room should also be made to the technical passport.

The redevelopment and reconstruction must be confirmed with state authorities. The landlord must provide the documents. Contacting the relevant authorities, you can get a specific list. Please note that alterations must be agreed to by all members of the family. If your apartment is in the house, which is recognized as cultural or architectural monument, this complicates the process of registration. You will have to conclude that the alterations in the apartment you can do.

The projects and documents

It is best to contact a specialized organization. Please note that it must be licensed. Employees will make up the redevelopment project. After you get agreement. State bodies have forty-five days. During this time, your appeal is considered. If you get rejected, there are two ways of solving the problem. First – to sue and to appeal the denial. The second is to consider all the comments and fix them. And then re-apply.

Once the redevelopment is completed, you must contact p & b/BTI. Bureau staff will perform the measurement of the place. In this case the Protocol of acceptance of the facilities in operation. Completing the process of obtaining a new technical passport Pibe/BTI. Many people do remodeling without permission. It can be saved, if not threatening the lives and health of people. This requires a court decision.

If you are planning to do the repair, it is not necessary to demolish the wall. It is strictly forbidden to touch the bearing walls or making them into openings. If you still want to remove them, you need to develop a special project. This is the most difficult option of redevelopment.

Without the permission and approval you can make repairs in the apartment, to change coverage. This applies to ceilings, walls and floor. You can also change the equipment. This should be set the same, having the same technical characteristics. The same is true for heating.