You will need
  • Passport, technical passport of the apartment, the application for redevelopment, identifying the right apartment document, the redevelopment project, the written consent of all family members living in the apartment.
First contact branch of the FGUP "rostehinventarizatsiya – federalnoe BTI" to get a copy of the technical passport of the apartment.
Next you need to find a design company which isstate licensed for redevelopment. These organizations are preparing and executing the projects of future changes, which are agreed with sanitary-epidemiological, fire, gas and other services. The number of such services depends on the type of redevelopment and features of the property.
Then contact the Department of construction and architecture of the city district of your city with all documents.
Set the period during which you will be given the nod to redevelop. It is 45 days after receiving all documents. Thus, you either give the nod or deny, and give the appropriate arguments, for example, discovered flaws in documents" or "design flaws". If agreed, the redevelopment is done, there after you must again contact the Department. A Commission will be created that will test whether all redevelopment conforms to the design, is not altered if nothing more. Also if the apartment is privatized, the act of the Commission must be attributed to the management of the registration service. There changes will make in the unified state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it.