For redevelopment of an apartment you will need to order the project in specialized organizations licensed for such types of design work. Without this document to issue official permission and to legalize alterations would be impossible. Keep in mind, ordering a redevelopment project that is prohibited by law:
- to expand the bathrooms and toilets at the expense of premises;
- to bear, even partially, the outer load-bearing walls to combine loggias and balconies with rooms;
- demolishing load-bearing walls or making them into openings without adequate reinforcement;
- to dismantle the ventilation shaft;
- locate a kitchen or a bathroom above the living room downstairs neighbors;
to remove the overlap between adjacent vertically apartments.
To get planning permission, you should prepare the following documents and submit them to the administration of your district or municipality:
- an application for the redevelopment of unified form;
the redevelopment project, executed in the prescribed manner;
- title documents to the apartment – the certificate on the state registration of the ownership right on it – original or notarized copy;
technical passport TIB on the apartment, period of issuance of which must not exceed three years;
- resolution bodies, carrying out architectural supervision, if the apartment is located in the house, which is related to the architectural or historical monuments;
- consent to redevelop all adult family members permanently registered in the apartment, including those who are temporarily absent.
The documents you must accept and issue a receipt in a receipt listing all of the included papers. The receipt should be not only the signature of the person accepting the documents, but must also include the position and full name. Within 45 days of the date of filing the application, a special Commission should review your documents and make a decision on the merits of the issue.
Once the decision is made, within 3 working days, you should be granted planning permission or a justified refusal. Only after this permission you have received to begin work on remodeling the apartment.