Advice 1: Qualities of the ideal woman in the eyes of men

The ideal woman every man, but most men agree that the ideal woman should possess a certain set of advantages. She must be attractive, smart, friendly, able to cook and have other qualities.
The perfect woman for every man his own

The ideal woman through the eyes of men

It is known that most men think the perfect woman is one that is similar to their mother. This woman is a good cook, take care of the family, caring for her husband. Also to the list of requirements of this ideal include: understanding, kindness, modesty, wisdom, patience, care, tenderness.

In the matter of perfect temperament of women views of men differ. One men like girls calm and quiet; others, however, choose emotional and passionate.

It should be noted that the ideal lover and ideal wife in the eyes of men. The mistress in the first place want to see such qualities as attractiveness, emotional and sexual looseness, tenderness, sensuality, cheerful disposition, loyalty.

While in the status of spouse of men hope to meet a woman who will give birth to healthy children, will engage in their education and to run the household as a whole. To wife qualities include: loyalty, physical and mental health, good looks, sensitivity, caring, understanding. That is, the ideal wife must create a home atmosphere of coziness and happiness, to love and to care of your husband, respect his opinion and understand.

Quality women-ideal

The General view is that the perfect woman needs to lead a healthy life, be educated, have a good job. With a woman man I wonder if he sees her as a person, respects her and trusts her opinion.

Men like purposeful and independent woman. It is known that the hunting instinct of man dictates him to win, to achieve, to accomplish feats that to protect his second half. Therefore the ideal woman should be stronger and more successful men in any field: sports, career, social standing.

It is also worth noting that the ideal woman supports the man, gives him strength, raises his self-esteem. Ideal woman recognizes the right of a man to make a mistake, gives him the opportunity to have an opinion different from her point of view. Thus, the causeless jealousy, conflict, long boring conversations – the enemies of women aspiring to the ideal in the eyes of men.

The ideal woman should be feminine and charming. However, the majority of men – owners, but because they strongly dislike the attention of other men to their woman. For such men, it is important to know that a woman will love only him alone always; that she chose her man as the best of all the others, and so her attention should be presented to only him. Other men, on the contrary, pleased with the attention the rest to his woman. So he proved himself, proud to have made the right choice companion.

Advice 2: How to be the perfect girlfriend

We all know that ideal doesn't exist. However how do you want to about your back said: "Well, she's just perfection!". In fact, to approach the ideal and get a lot of compliments from enthusiastic men is not too difficult.
How to be the perfect girlfriend
First of all, men love with their eyes, so well-groomed and pleasant appearance - the key to success. Take care of your body and skin do not forget about basic rules of personal hygiene, but don't overdo it! Surveys show that men don't like girls with excess makeup on the face, which is clearly stale in the Solarium. Natural beauty that really attracts.
Dress with style and taste. Even if you have impeccable figure, you have something to show, do not choose too candid and flashy outfits. Remember that the woman should be a mystery that a man wants to solve. And girls with plunging necklines and short skirts are regarded by men as a partner for one night.
Smile. A sincere smile paints of any person regardless of their gender. A smiling girl immediately has to itself. In addition, monitor your speech. Sometimes the girls are noted for their excessive volubility, which negatively affects their image. Mysteriously it is sometimes better to remain silent than to embark on a long and lengthy meditation.
Follow gait and posture. Level back and a nice gait attracts admiring glances. Remember how to walk the catwalk models? Girl with a beautiful posture seems much taller and slimmer than her slouching friend.
And finally, be yourself! Be open to new friendships, to communicate. The girl who literally radiates with a confidence never left alone. Know your positive qualities and emphasize them, and the shortcomings can be silent!

Advice 3: What women like men Sagittarius

Sagittarius man is a very complex nature, they may not always understand their desires and emotions. That is why it is impossible to say what girls like Sagittarius.
Boredom, narrow-mindedness, jealousy and suspicion easily repel the man-Sagittarius, it will most likely not pay attention "unformatted", prone to experiments girl who is sense of humor and sociability. Sagittarius appreciates intelligence, it is very important to the ability of girls to formulate ideas, to maintain conversations on difficult topics. The intelligence and education in the eyes of Sagittarius mean much more than domesticity or sexuality.
Sagittarius is looking for in an ideal girlfriend with the same interests. It is very important to companion share his beliefs, was fond of the same things that he found a common language with his friends. The girl, constantly seeking in life something new, receive any knowledge, Sagittarius is much more interesting than a woman who wants to create strong family.
Male-Archer most of my life is in a kind of never-ending spiritual quest, so it attracts a more adult and wise women who could become for him a kind of spiritual authority, or very young, for whom he may act in this capacity. Sagittarius is very important to feel a student or teacher, depending on the environment.
To attract Sagittarius are the easiest with their uniqueness. It is susceptible to everything new, strange and unusual. That is why Sagittarians are often marry foreign women. For this zodiac sign is a very important time of the study, the relationship with Sagittarius usually end if they think what they learned about their partner.
Emotions of Sagittarius are honesty and unusual breadth, is not peculiar to him flirting, possessiveness, dependence on the opinions of others. Despite the fact that Sagittarians see the world clearly, adequately assessing the events and keeping pace with the times, they get great pleasure from breaking a gallant and romantic adventure. That is why Sagittarians rarely like the calm, balanced nature, who believe romance is unnecessary overkill.
The archers well in family life, they are ready to spend a lot of time with children, playing with them and telling interesting stories and tales. However, the monotony of family life can make Sagittarius look for something new on the side, and it's not just about lovers but also about extreme Hobbies that may be life-threatening. We can say that one of the most important things in life with this sign of the zodiac — do not give him bored.
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