You will need
  • -the water reservoir;
  • siphon-nozzle or plastic tube with a diameter of 1-1,5 cm
  • -additives to neutralize harmful substances (optional).
Type in the desired amount of water and defend it at least 5-7 days. In that case, if possible you draw in, 1-2 days later, filter the water through activated charcoal or boil for 10 minutes. However, you must remember that in the process of boiling water loses oxygen and it needs to aerate. Defend water in an enamel or glass container (enamel needs to be intact). Undesirable, but still you can use to defend plastic bottles. Typed in water, put in a place where it will not get sunlight.
Defend the water
If your aquarium is soil, empty the old water, using a special siphon with a nozzle. Otherwise, you can also use a plastic tube of small diameter (1-1,5 cm). At the end, lowered into the water pipe, be sure to put gauze, to ensure that it does not suck fish. Don't forget about the walls of the aquarium, in the case of heavy contamination, you should be sure to clean up before changing water. Adding water is carried out only partially, over time you can change no more than 1/3-1/5 of the volume of the aquarium. Full water change you need to only in extreme cases, such as the emergence of fungal slime, adding unwanted microorganisms, a large contamination of soil, etc.
Drain part of the water with a siphon-nozzle
For filling a new aquarium for the water not less than 5 days, and then pour it in the prepared aquarium plant plants and run of the fish. If you want to speed up the establishment of normal environment, add little water and soil of the already-built successful aquarium, which is a prepared set of microorganisms. Optionally, you can buy special supplements, which neutralize harmful substances in the store, when using water do not need to defend it.
Как менять воду в аквариуме