For 40 years the person often manages to make a career, his life becomes orderly and stable. But at the same time may appear and valid reasons, forcing you to radically change the profession. For such changes can push deep dissatisfaction with the present work, reduction of working places, as well as some personal reasons.
If you decide to change professions in adulthood, try to follow some rules. First, don't take decision under the influence of negative moment. You had an argument with a colleague? You have deprived of the award? No need to pointedly slam the door and walk into the unknown. Keep them at the same workplace until, until you develop a clear plan of action.
Formulate your desires. Well, if your skills allow you to go into a related profession or industry. For example, a Manager can start a business, a musician to teach vocal, military – to head a security Agency, IT specialist – develop sites. Much harder if you want to radically change the sphere of activity. In this case, it is important to soberly assess their abilities, skills and strength.
Start preparing for a new profession. Learn, update their skills, enhance qualifications. Doing it better at the time, while you are still working under the old profession. Go on Sunday evening or requalification courses, trainings, self-education.
Find the opportunity to practice new skills. The presence of practical experience when seeking employment in adulthood is taken for granted. If you do not wish to shock new employers, take care of the internship and at least a little work in a new profession.
Don't be afraid. If you are well prepared, you will be quite competitive specialist, and afraid to leave their homes is not worth it. Better beware of what you the rest of your life will do meaningless work and get a meager salary.
Be inspired by the positive example of some well-known personalities. The first book of Paolo Coelho saw the light when he was 41 years old. Christian Dior established his own fashion house in 42 years. Housewife Susan Boyle 47 years took part in the show "Britain has talent" and became one of the most popular singers. Actress Catherine Justin, received the prestigious Emmy award for her role in the TV series "Desperate Housewives", to 60 years worked as a nurse. Acting classes she went to 42, and then over 10 years, was refused after an unsuccessful trial.