Determined by skin tone

Foundation you only need to select your skin tone. There are 3 basic tones: warm, neutral and cold. But sometimes a mixed type, for example, neutral-cool. To understand what your skin tone, sit closer to the light and look at your wrist in daylight. Nice to listen to the opinion of others, it is often more visible from the side. View, signs of what tone you more.

Cool skin tone:

  1. The veins on your wrist are bluish or purple hue.
  2. Silver jewelry look better on the skin than gold.
  3. In the sun the skin has a bluish sheen.

People who have cool skin tone, dominated by a pink color with bluish veins. Hair is most often black, dark brown, light ash or platinum shade. Eyes blue, gray, green, dark brown. They are cool-pink, red, blue, black, yellow. Skin after sun becomes red, and after a while takes on a copper sheen.

Neutral skin tone:

  1. The veins on your wrist are blue-green tide.
  2. On the skin look great and the silver, and gold.
  3. In the sun the skin has a greenish tint.

If you can't identify the warm or cold type of your skin, most likely, her tone neutral.

Warm skin tone:

  1. The veins on your wrist are green or olive shade.
  2. Gold looks better on the skin than sterling silver.
  3. In the sun the skin has a light yellowish tint.

People with warm tone is dominated by yellow shades with greenish veins. Hair often with a red tint, dark brown, warm brown and gold hues, bright with a Golden sheen. Brown eyes with yellowish streaks, gray. They are brown, warm green, cream, brick, coral, terracotta color. After tanning the skin becomes yellow-brown, often with olive tint.

Sometimes isolated and olive tone. It is considered to be extreme in warm colours. In this the skin is dominated by yellow and green shades.

How to choose concealer

Before going to choose the concealer, you need to prepare for that skin. Use the scrub, moisturizing and nourishing products. The store where you choose cosmetics must be good lighting. But this may be enough, so if possible, go outside and see how match the color of the makeup skin tone. Test tools need not on the wrist, and on her cheek. If it is not visible – the choice is made correctly.

First of all study the composition of the Foundation or base. Mineral Foundation is good for any skin type. Creams not. For oily skin it is important that oils as much as possible. The package should be written oil-free, oil-control or mattifing. For dry skin should contain the oil and moisturizing components. The packaging says hydrating, moisture-rich. For combination skin perfect cream powder.

If the skin is clean, Foundation cream should be light texture. If there are problems, need to use a thick Foundation. Preference should be given tonal creams with a yellow undertone: they come more often and look more natural.

If the concealer is not correct, you can try to make it lighter or darker. If the cream is lighter than the natural complexion, add a bold brown shade, dark brown blush or lipstick. Do it gradually, do not overdo it. The tool will become a little darker. If the Foundation is darker than the natural color of the skin, mix it with a moisturizing liquid cream. The shade will become lighter. Or adjust the color tone means bright powder.