Popular cosmetics

Today's most popular decorative organic cosmetics, which is a new word in the world of beauty. It is composed exclusively of natural ingredients, carefully caring for the skin and perform their decorative function. In addition, they fulfil the requirements of organic production. This cosmetic is produced from organic plant material and is not processed with chemicals.
Organic makeup does not cause itching, dryness, redness, irritation and other allergic reactions.

Part of the organic or bio cosmetics contain only organic or natural ingredients. Conventional cosmetics, some manufacturers are made of harmful substances that are strictly prohibited in organic cosmetics. In the list of prohibited components include artificial fragrances, parabens, paraffins, dyes and preservatives, petroleum products and genetically modified plants. Organic cosmetics are not tested on animals.

The best cosmetic brand

The world's leading manufacturers today produce traditional and organic decorative cosmetics. So, one of the most popular cosmetic brands is Givenchy, whose products have long won the women for their quality and reasonable prices. Not far behind, and the French company Lancome, which is famous for its excellent characteristics of its makeup, and its unique flavor.
All known manufacturers of decorative cosmetics are constantly testing her for allergic reactions and improve the manufacturing technology.

Popular in the world and brand The Body Shop, representing a whole line of cosmetics and high-quality decorative cosmetics. Women are very good to say about the products of this company, appreciating everything from balms for the body to concealer for the eyebrows.

One of the few cosmetic brands that produce all natural makeup is "Yves Rocher", representing a wide range of decorative cosmetics and perfumes. Comes on the heels of a global giant and Russian brand Faberlic, which produces natural affordable cosmetics designed to care, and makeup application.