Smooth complexion is a kind of canvas, the basis for a perfect makeup. However, constant use of Foundation, especially in the hot summer fraught with clogged pores and congested skin. Does this mean that from the Foundation of the funds needed to give up completely? Not at all!

Decorative cosmetics

If you are unable to refuse the masking, use concealer. Due to its dense texture, it copes with skin problems by masking pimples, capillaries, and even bruising. Apply the concealer should be a synthetic brush directly to the place that you want to hide, you have to carefully feather the border.

For dark circles there are special scissors called concealers. They have a liquid texture, not dry the skin and does not accentuate wrinkles. Correct concealer will blend in with the General tone of the skin and eliminates the need to cover your whole face.

Another alternative to Foundation cream – powder. Its main advantage in a lighter coating, the skin breathes. A mineral powder in addition to decorative function, has antiseptic properties, has a positive effect on the skin and is the most resistant.
The powder can be used alone or in combination with a corrector. Apply a large round brush from the center to the borders in a circular motion.

If your skin has serious flaws, take a look at moisturising cream with toning effect. This cream 2 in 1, it moisturizes, aligning skin tone. A great option for summer and for everyday makeup.

Today's popular BB creams, even CC creams will help not only to replace the Foundation, but also a couple of other funds in the purse. BB cream (from the English. "balm imperfections" will not only disguise the problem areas, but with regular use will reduce them to a minimum. A SS-cream (from the English. "color correction") will add radiance and a healthy look.

Not only beautiful, but also useful

There are many ways to improve the skin folk remedies. The most simple and budget include herbs. Freeze ice cubes of green tea or chamomile, parsley, calendula. Wipe your face every morning, and the skin will look fresher, pores less noticeable. To even skin tone will help mask of cucumber, cheese and sour cream. And get rid of the problems on the skin is a clay mask.

Also in the Arsenal of many cosmetic brands are cream, with which you can get rid of freckles, age spots, redness. They have a bleaching effect, creates refreshing skin and contain UV filters.