You will need
  • To unlock the page will need a computer, access the Internet and a small knowledge of computer specifics.
If the page is locked by a moderator, you should write him a letter asking to clarify the reason for the blocking and ask to unlock the account. Must respond within one month. No response has been received write again. If the response has not been received - wait no more follows page no unlocks. You can try the second method.
If the page is blocked by IP, just to change it. One IP is dynamic - no problem. If static IP, you have to use special programs anonymizers. Service program to change IP to any selected.
If the account is blocked by the virus, the situation is more complicated. The course of action will be like this: enter IP address of on a page, enter your username and password and go to your page (works in 90% of cases, if not blocked IP).
Remove a virus that blocks access to Myspace. From the computer navigate to the installation directory of the disk C/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc. Select the file "hosts". If the file is hidden, then in the settings folder, you must mark the option "Show hidden files and folders". Using Notepad, open the file "hosts". In the opened document, remove all the entries located under the line " localhost". Next, check the startup programs: start – Run – write in the line "msconfig" - OK, go to system configuration, then in startup. Better yet, all the programs from startup remove. Restart your computer and scan the system for viruses.
If the method of paragraph 4 does not help - re-open the file "hosts" and see, edited or not. If the revision is not saved, you will have to edit again and in the file properties uncheck "read-only".
If you do not help step 5 - try to do the same manipulation as in step 4, when you boot operating system in safe mode.
The most extreme case – recover the operating system using a restore point or reinstalling it.