You will need
  • Rattle, solid toy mobile for the crib, a CD of classical music
Month old is not so small as it looks. At this age, he begins to perceive the gestures of others and respond to them kind of sounds, grimaces, twitchings of arms and legs. A great activity to short periods of wakefulness may be the observation of a moving object. Take a bright solid toy, place it in sight of the child and move to a distance of 20-30 cm
To entertain baby, ask him to find the source of the sound. We are talking about a drum, bell, rattle or containers with different contents – peas, barley, etc., Place the toy at a distance of 30-50 cm from the child. It is important that she not fall into his field of vision. Shake the object a few times every 5-10 seconds. When, after several repetitions, your child will begin to turn his head and look where you hear the sound, show him the toy.
Post on the crib bumpers multi-colored pictures. A great option would be a contrasting image: a cartoon characters, Zebra with wide stripes at 5 cm, black circles with a diameter of 3 cm on a light background, target, chess Board etc. Lying on their side, the child will be happy to consider them. At this time, tell him about a particular image, despite the fact that he can't engage in dialogue.
Place over the crib fashioned carousel or homemade "mobile". It can be funny faces, suspended by threads, black and white pyramids, paper cubes or cylinders. It is important that the objects were moving from the vibrations of the air, and amused the baby. Periodically remove the toy, otherwise it will become uninteresting to him.
Work with the motility of crumbs. The index and middle fingers gently grab his leg. Then with your thumb press the pad at the base of the fingers, the child will instantly bend them. To return the fingers to the original position, stroke, swipe movements on the inner edge of the foot towards the heel. Repeat every 2-4 times.
As often as possible include newborn music. Based on his reaction you will know what he likes. Safe bet would be a classic and, of course, the mother's lullaby. Offer baby something like that to you. Many kids love radio.