To correctly deal with the monthly child, you must know that he is able to perceive and feel in the first weeks after birth, and what actions parents can develop and strengthen his abilities.
With kindly contact and talk to the baby, sing him songs and tell short rhymes. Talk to the baby first at a distance, and then lean to his face. During intercourse go around the crib. The change of position and the sound from the different parties develop his focus, tracking, and localization of sound. Hang in the crib bright toys, but not multicolor. The abundance of flowers is perceived and heavier tires baby. You can hang toys with sound. It develops sight and hearing.
To awake time leave the child free of the handle. So it will happen faster adaptation to a new world and develop coordination and motor skills. In addition, the fold belt is useful for the skin. It has the effect of hardening.
Teach your baby from birth to personal hygiene, water treatment, gymnastics, sun and air baths. They are useful for both physical and mental health, as a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the baby. All their actions: cross-dressing, dressing, bathing and other procedures accompany the tender review.
Of great importance in physical and mental development of the child has massage. He looks more like touching and stroking. But this is enough to reduce stress hormones and stabilize his emotional state. In addition, your child will remember Mama's arms. This further strengthens the bond of the mother with child. To do this, as often as possible take the kid on hands. Press down to his chest. Allow me to do the same to dad. Soon the baby will begin to recognize the energy of mothers, fathers and strangers.
To fully develop the child's first month of life and over, impossible to choose one of several ways. Everything is important and in the aggregate.