You will need
  • Orthodox calendar
In pre-revolutionary Russia often name the baby chooses the date of birth of the baby. After all, a birthday is nothing more than a memorial day of a Saint. That's called a newborn this name in the hope that the Saint will patronize and protect the person throughout life. Even if parents chose a different name, in the Church, the kid still baptized by that name, which was listed in the calendar. Even before it was the custom to give two names. One is known to all, and the second, given in baptism, known only to close relatives.
To find out the date of their birthday, buy Orthodox calendar, which shows all the name-day of the year. You can find this information on the Internet. These can be sites or articles on the day or names and their values. For some names the day it happens several times a year, for example, Anna and Alexander. In this case choose from the available dates, the one that is closer to your birthday. However, the days of memory of certain saints, for example, John the Baptist, St. Sergius of Radonezh, Seraphim of Sarov celebrated not once a year, respectively, and a birthday party to celebrate all these days.
There are a lot of names, long common in Russia, however, which in the calendar is not found. This happens with many Latin and Slavic names. In this case, the name at baptism the child choose accord or similar value. So Jeanne will call Ioannou, Angelica, angelina, Svetlana - Photinia. Yegor or Yury would be named George.
In determining the date of the Day you should consider one more nuance. In 2000, the Council of bishops in the calendar were made to the names of the new martyrs and Confessors of Russia. Thus, if a person was baptized prior to 2000, its patron Saint is chosen from those that are glorified to the year 2000, if after, then you can choose from the names of the martyrs, focusing on the nearest birthday date.