Name day – what is it?

In infancy many children sacrament of baptism. This means that from the moment of baptism each person has a patron Saint, or Guardian angel. Orthodox Christians this is some kind of Saint, whose name, strictly speaking, the name of the child.

In principle, it does not matter whether the person celebrates a nameday or not. Not important, how many times a year he does it. It is important not to forget about these days and pray sincerely, honoring the day of remembrance of his Holy.

When the birthday of Sergei?

It's hard to believe, but the name Sergei are 61 times a year (on the Gregorian calendar)! Actually the word "birthday" means the date of the memory of the Saint, in whose honour, indeed, and has been named child. Traditionally, name day is the first feast day of the Saint after his birth. For example, Serezha, born September 7, will celebrate their birthday on September 24.
Angel decided to give everything that connects birthday with God and the Church. It's icons, candles, oil lamps, Bible, religious literature, etc.

The birthday (or name Day) Sergey celebrated in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. All of the birthday of Sergei can be easily determined by looking at the Church calendar. There these days will be referred to as the dates of commemoration of saints and martyrs, named Sergeyi.

Birthday Sergei on the Church calendar

Since the Day the angel Sergei falls several times a year, it is necessary to look at the Church calendar and celebrate the most memorable days. Here is how to determine the date of the birthday of Sergei this calendar: 15 and 27 January, 2 and 25 April, 1 and June 6, 11 and 18 July, 25 August, 17 and 24 September, 8, 11, 20 and 23 October, 29 November and 11 December.

The celebration of the birthday in Russia

It is curious that in Russia a birthday is generally not inferior to the birthday! Then angel's day was celebrated by a large circle of relatives and friends. The holiday atmosphere was low-key and sincere. Then the speech could not be about some broad and noisy festivities. After all, the name day is the day on which the birthday boy speaks to my soul worships its eponymous Saint.
In Russia it was important to put the name of the hero of the day test on the surface of the loaf. It was a symbol of honoring the birthday child.

The main difference between the angel's Day in Russia was, of course, a loaf large size. Usually it is baked with an unusual shape in the form of an elongated rectangle, octagon or oval.

Angel's day in modern life

Not so long ago birthday infiltrated modern life as occasion. However, acquired this celebration the status of a secular event. Basically, I think people who are not associated with Church and religion. And so the birthday gift giving, not adhering to traditional rules. But one thing you need to know for sure: any gifts for birthdays should be shy and should Express respect for the birthday boy.