Before almost every house was a geranium (pelargonium). Her scent like a lot of cores, this is the cure. The leaves of the plant are many essential oils, which are beneficial for the heart, disinfects the air. But it can cause severe allergic reactions. As the least well-known Primula.
Unsafe to have a home azaleas, other rhododendrons. During flowering they saturate the air strong and very persistent smell. Because his head may ache for a long time, and the skin is "adorned" painful rash.
When blooms the oleander room is filled with incredibly sweet aroma. This scent possess substances which the plant grows in large quantities in the air. Due to them the thrills clogged heart, much head ache and even cover suffocation. Relatives of oleander on the family kutrovyh – Catharanthus, Alamanda.
The intoxicating fragrance and exude blossoming amaryllidaceae: eucharis, crinum. Their essential oils are also powerful allergens.
Kirkazon – though a medicinal plant, but its flowers are many poisonous alkaloids. Therefore it is better not to smell kirksnove not keep these plants in the apartment.
In many homes you can see the beautiful dieffenbachia. If the juice gets on the skin or mucous membranes, can occur very strong irritation, until deep burns. It is different for all of the family Araceae belong to and ARMA (alocasia), and philodendron and aglaonema.
Similar reactions can also cause all spurges, including such as euphorbias, akalifa, Croton.
And the ficus Benjamin, even if not in bloom, secretes through its pores particles of a milky juice.
By the way, some figs, and citrus is pretty tricky. Because of the direct contact with the skin is not inflamed. However, increases its sensitivity to light, during even a short stay in the sun you can get severe burns.
The potential threat comes from cyclamen. Severe burns happen when it gets juice on the mucous membranes. In General, plants that emit milky juice, it is better to contact the minimum. And to put their needs in remote areas, especially for children.
All ferns are powerful allergens, as when they reproduce, their spores are scattered far and wide. Into the respiratory tract, these disputes could hamper breathing and cause an attack of severe dyspnea.
Kalanchoe, Sedum, money tree (crassula) – a wonderful medicinal plants with healing properties. However, used externally, they can cause allergic skin reactions, and their juices, taken by mouth, is prolonged swelling of the bronchi.