You will need
  • Be seen by a doctor, to taking hormones, to abandon heavy loads.
Despite the small size of the thyroid gland (about 20 g), it performs important functions. The thyroid hormones provide the balance in the body. They are produced thanks to iodine, which is supplied together with the nutrients. When it is insufficient , the thyroid gland starts to increase in size. When disruption of the gland fails in the body, various diseases. Sometimes the thyroid gland nodes appear, which gradually increase in size and can cause cancer.
The endocrinologist may decide to partially or fully remove the thyroid gland. The patient in this case will have a lifetime to take hormones to compensate for the absence of a vital organ. It should always be seen by a doctor to monitor hormone levels, and in case of deviation from the norm is the timely initiation of therapy. After surgery and non-compliance with doctor's recommendations can occur hypothyroidism. This disease is accompanied by fatigue, mental decline, headache and joint pain.

Depending on the overall health you need to choose schedule of visits to an endocrinologist, once at 3, 6,12 months. The patient should undergo thyroid ultrasound, to do some laboratory research.
Without thyroid lifestyle will definitely change. You can't expose yourself to heavy physical stress and intense exercise. Protect yourself, do not overheat, do not SuperCool. Before you go on a trip to hot countries, need advice of a physician. Can not long sunbathing, saunas and baths. You should to protect yourself from stress learn how to tune in a positive way, to think more about the pleasant moments and not to think about his defect.
Doctors recommend to think about the choice of profession people who have had thyroid gland removed. Intense, exhausting work will badly affect the health. Should more rest, eat well, and sleep, walk in the fresh air, devote themselves to family and children, to communicate with interesting people and get a hobby so no time for sadness and longing.