The postoperative period

Rehabilitation after thyroid removal surgery involves several mandatory steps. First, the technician assigns the patient a special treatment with a drug called levothyroxine. The fact that after surgery a person feels pain in the throat for several weeks. It was during this period, there may be some complications, so patients need to undergo regular check-UPS and tests. In the future doctor will have one every six months.

Signs of complications are considered to be any changes and pain in the body – headache, dizziness, cough, discomfort in the area of surgical intervention. Recommendations are given for each patient individually, depending on results of regular surveys.


Life after the removal of the thyroid gland is directly associated with the hormonal drugs. The body after this procedure needs an extra amount of iodine, so to compensate for the loss of this macronutrient needs as food, and various food additives.

While respecting the fundamental rules of the hormonal drugs, the patient from a remote thyroid gland can hardly change their way of life. Sports or other physical activities are not the contraindications, but in the first six months of their better to eliminate completely. Special attention should be paid to diet, which should be complete and balanced. If you have had partial or total removal of the thyroid gland to return to normal mode is better, not earlier than six months after the surgery. The body must supply the necessary amounts of vitamins and useful elements.

General guidelines

Significant restrictions in lifestyle after removal of the thyroid gland, but some rules have to be followed over a long period. First, in this case we are talking about overcooling or overheating. In winter, try not to forget about warm scarves, and in summer for several months after surgery, from sunbathing under the open sun or in a Solarium is better to abstain.

Proper sleep and elimination of stress – the main recommendations that should be performed only after removal of the thyroid gland, but also to make them the main rules of life. Feelings of fatigue, lack of sleep or depression – all this is detrimental to your health and can cause complications or even the occurrence of relapse.