You will need
  • - proper diet;
  • - physical activity.
Discard diet in the traditional sense, that is strictly the prescribed diet for a short time. They are inefficient: the stress for psyche and body, a high probability of failure with diet, return the discarded weight.
Choose the right nutrition: a balanced and organized diet has a positive effect on health and will allow you a lifetime to keep weight in norm. In fact, this is one big diet, but the only way you can eat and not get fat.
Reassess your diet and eliminate fatty, smoked, canned, marinated, salted, sweet, flour. Fast food, sausages, frozen foods, sodas, candy, chocolate, chips – the list of prohibited products can continue.
Choose natural foods: vegetables, fruits and berries, lean fish, seafood, lean meats, cereals from whole grains. Give preference to raw vegetables, fruits and berries – they are the most useful, rich in vitamins and enzymes for the assimilation of nutrients.
Drink half to two liters of clean plain water throughout the day. It speeds up the metabolic processes and removes toxins. The Cup for 20-30 minutes before a meal fills the stomach, due to which you will eat much less.
Organize frequent five to six meals a day small portions of food. Carefully and slowly chew: the more time you spend eating, the less you will eat. Do not cram before bedtime – choose a light meal and dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime.
Will learn how to correctly cook: low heat treatment and preferably for a couple. From time to time still indulge in sweets, which you had to opt out – choose low calorie recipes, replace harmful foods are good and cook at home.