Eat a varied. The body should not get used to the same products. Try to add to your diet vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, dairy products. If you eat variety of foods, then it's harder to gain weight.
Diversify your diet
Improve your metabolism. Do not give up Breakfast, they should be thick and useful. For Breakfast you can eat all you want. Paradoxically, but it will make you slim. Drink 2-4 cups of green tea, this beverage promotes metabolism and promotes weight loss. On the day you should drink more and about two litres of plain boiled water or mineral water. This will also help speed up metabolism.
If you have no problems with blood pressure and stomach, eat as often as possible a grapefruit. This contains substances that help get rid of excess weight. Before each meal eat half of this fruit and eat as much as you want.
The grapefruit will speed up the burning of calories
Chew your food properly, this will help quickly sated and improve metabolism. During the meal do not be distracted by TV, computer or newspaper.
Eat often. If you hesitate with food intake, the body decides that it is a difficult time, and starts to lay weight in reserve. But if you regularly get food, all the calories will start to spend money when entering the body, and you will be fine.
Eat the right food. Boiled chicken meat can be eaten any number, it's unlikely you'll be fine. A small hamburger can be deposited on your body a couple of extra pounds. So start to cook your own healthy meals that can be eaten in any quantity. Discard the fat sauces, caramel, fat, fast food and other harmful products.
avoid snacking outside the home
Exercise regularly. If you'll burn all the calories you will never gain weight. Select the sport that you like. It can be swimming, running, yoga, aerobics, exercises with skipping rope, heavy or light lifting. Every day spend about 30 minutes on the sport, to not get better.
Practice yoga