Before you start create your free website, you need to choose and register a domain name. A domain name is the website address that is entered by the user in the browser window to navigate to the site itself.
For domain registration you need to visit the website of the Registrar. In Russia, quite a large selection of such sites. Then in the search box you should enter your desired domain name and select the domain zone, it can be: .ru, .com .su and the like. It is recommended to place the domain name in the zone .EN those who are orienting the activities of your website in the Russian-speaking population.
Website-the Registrar will tell you if your chosen name is already taken. Pick options until you find the name. After selecting domain name you should register it by following the instructions resource. On some sites you can get the name for free, but it is not the first and second levels. Look the website address will be something like this: imatations
The procedure of registration is simple, just follow the instructions. For registration will need the following information: your username or login, surname, name, patronymic; passport data; contact information such as phone, email, and other.
After registering a domain name, you must choose the address of the host. Hosting is the place of residence of your website. Free hosting there are many, can be considered for registration TimeWeb. It is free to create a website on WordPress.
To register the hosting go to the website and "Menu" in the "Services" section, click "Hosting", then choose "Free hosting". In the opened window enter a phone number to receive activation code. The activation code they text messages must be entered in the window and click "Activate".
Then enter the name and surname, it is better to specify real, to be able in the future to verify a site. For contact it is recommended to specify the e-mail Google or Yandex, Mail letters are long and can generally not be reached. In the Domain field, enter the previously registered domain name.
Then you will be asked to choose one use case was hosting. For registration, free site choose Blog (WORDPRESS) and press the button "Start working". After that, your e-mail will receive a letter confirming the activation. The letter contains important information with a login, password and address login email should be retained.
The website was created. Now your task - it needs to be filled.