You will need
  • Domain, hosting, ftp client
Hosting is a service that provides your website with a certain amount of space on the server. Depending on a paid hosting or free, size of this place will vary. Paid hosting has a number of advantages compared to the free – except that he must pay. If you choose free hosting, you will have to put up with severe limitations in formatting and page design, and also with the restriction of the use of different methods of web programming. In addition, on sites with free hosting hostingprovider default advertise.
If you are just beginning your journey in creating and hosting sites, free hosting can be a good starting point. It provide various services,, and others. In further seeking to use the services of a paid hosting.
Once you have chosen hosting, create your site domain name. It can consist of letters, numbers and some symbols. Free hosting you get the domain name of the third level – it must be unique and is specified most often when registering in the system. Example – If you want to register a domain name second level (, you will have to register in the system of paid hosting and pay using your domain. Rates of each hosting provider is different, and you can choose the service that best will suit you in terms of cooperation, technical support and financial component. If you are planning to open a website on one of the big project or big firms, the best option is to buy a domain name of the second level – the address of the website will be taken more seriously than address free hosting.
After the domain is selected and you are ready to be shared and the content of the site, take care to download of the website all the necessary content. You can use the existing interface of the hosting system, and can be installed on your computer program to upload files to the server. An example of such a program is CuteFTP. Download the program, install it and go to settings file Manager. Click "Add site" and enter the address of the server on which you will upload files. Also specify the username and password with which you will work with the site via FTP client. After uploading files to the server is completed, your website will appear on the world wide web.