If you decide to create a website, he will need a domain name – the address by which users will be able to get it. In that case, if you do not want to register a domain, use for site creation in one of the free services. To do this, type in search "create free website", you will get many links.
The creation of a website on a free service has its advantages and disadvantages. Of the benefits can be called the speed of creation of the resource, a sufficiently high reliability. The disadvantages are posted by the owners of online advertising and the inability to transfer the site you created to another location – it is tied to the service.
If you need full independence, register your own domain. It is very simple, the registration process takes minutes and will cost you around 100 rubles for the zone .EN and about 400 for the zone .com. To find the sites of the registrars, Google the words "domain registration", select the desired service and follow all instructions.
When you register a domain remember login details to your personal account, they you still need. After the procedure of registration start making pages. Use Dreamweaver, it allows you to quickly create very professional websites. You can use ready-made free templates, the web a lot of them.
Download the template, open it in Dreamweaver and edit the way you want. Use this template to create all pages of the website. Use Denwer, in order to test the functionality of the website. The program allows you to browse the site in the form in which it will be posted on the Internet. At this stage you will be able to find and fix all the mistakes.
Page created, now you need hosting, a place where you lay out your website. Google the words "hosting" and select the appropriate option. Offers a lot, so it is possible to find quality services for 30-40 rubles a month. Choose exactly what you need. Do not overpay for capabilities that you do not use.
You have a domain name, page website and hosting. Everything needs to tie together. Go to the control panel of your hosting account, look for the public_html folder. In this folder you need to upload all pages of your website. This can be done both via browser and via FTP.
You uploaded the page, but it doesn't open on the domain name. It must be because you haven't "tied" domain name to the hosting. Find out in the customer service of the host or in the FAQ section the names of its DNS servers, usually two. After that, log in to your account on the website of the domain Registrar and enter the DNS-servers in the relevant fields. Save the changes. Left to wait, within days your site will begin to open at the domain name.