Advice 1: How to register a website in Google

Even a very good website may remain obscure, if not will be indexed by search engines. Professional registration in the search system allows to provide the website high in the rating and, as a consequence, a large number of visitors.
How to register a website in Google
Google is rightfully occupies a leading position among search engines. Search engines Google sooner or later will index pages of your website, but its targeted registration will significantly accelerate this process. If an unregistered site the indexing process can be up to a month or more, the registration reduces this period to about one week.
Proceed to the registration process of the website in Google. Open the page

At the bottom, find the link "All about Google", open it. At the top right you will see a section "For site owners", there is a lot of useful information on optimizing your site for search engines such as Google. The more page meet the requirements of Google, the better and faster will be the indexing of pages.
Select in the section "Center of Google webmaster tools". By registering an account on the next page, you will be able to obtain information about the progress of the indexing process of your website that can be very useful. But to register the site in Google without creating an account.
Click on the link "guidelines for webmasters", and there you will find technical advice for proper design of the pages and the selection of its contents. There is also a link to the registration page of the website, but at the time of writing it was working correctly. Correct link:
Click on the above link. You will see a form with a field to add an address to your website. Enter the full address of the home page in the form: note the slash (slant dash) at the end ' – it needs to be. Its presence indicates that the site is not only the main page. Then click "Add URL", and your website will be registered in Google search engine.

Advice 2 : How to add website in google

Every web master, creating your website, you want to make it popular. This requires that your site learned the maximum number of users in the network. Therefore your website you need to make sure in the directory of Google.
How to add website in google
You will need
  • - a computer with Internet connection
Start any browser that is convenient to you to use (Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari). In the address bar type and go to the page. On the left you will see a description web Google tools, and the right box to login.
At the top right of the page you will see the inscription: "to Register a new Google account". Click on it to navigate to the registration page where you will see six fields to fill in. In the first field enter the address of your mailbox on Google. The next two enter and confirm the desired password. Complete the remaining fields and click "I Accept. Create my account".
Sign in to your account. You will see a page that says "Scan a URL" under it is a small text and a few fields to fill in. The first "URL" and the second is the test by which the system learns about what the website in the directory puts a person, not a robot. In the first type the address of your websiteand you want to add to the indexing search engine. In the second box you need to enter the symbols shown above the data field. If the symbols are poorly legible, update them by clicking right on the picture of the two looped arrows. When both fields are filled, click send request.
After sending a query at the top will display "Your request was received and will be processed shortly". If needed, you can add some basic, filled with good content pages of the website. This is not necessary, but can play a positive role. Your work here is to add the websiteand in the directory of Google is over and now just have to wait. Within a few weeks your website will appear in search results of Google queries.
Before you spend adding a site to the directory of the search engine, check values written in a text file robots.txt. If your site is built on a free resource, it is likely that it will be spelled out values, prohibiting the indexing of the site. Change the values as desired.
Useful advice
Do not add the site to directories until until you fill it with content.
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