The heroes of the book should be "speaking" names. Especially for characters existing in a fantasy story. Reading books of other authors, people wonder how writers manage to give the characters so accurate, descriptive names. A good hero's name as the name is close, good and long time friend, to whom one cannot remain indifferent. As if this character really exists, and not invented by the author, and is about to meet somewhere on the street. This feeling should cause the readers well-chosen character names. The adoption of a name can lend credibility to the character, and therefore to the entire narrative. Makes empathize and read "voraciously". How to come up with good names for characters in the fantasy genre?

Search for the hero

First, you need to consider the hero. If you choose a baby name, you're not doing it at random. You know his family, his history, his future life, can draw traits and come up with his main occupation. The heroes of the book – writing "children". And the identity of every person with his history should be left to chance. It is best to use for that notebook or open a computer file or "make the case" for each of the characters, main and secondary. No wonder "Oscar" provide for a role of the second plan. Sometimes a secondary character can play in history, not the last role and become the favorite of millions.

Invent a legend

So, the legend. The hero needs to be: appearance, age, Zodiac sign, attitude, character, psychological features, distinctive features, experience and manner of communication, social bonds, memory, past, habits, affections, dislikes. And it is desirable that all it was original. Don't be afraid of unexpected solutions and crazy ideas that come into your head. On the contrary, immediately write them down and use. Each name must be associated with some history.

That might help in finding a suitable name?

Reading historical books. Often the names of the representatives of an ancient kind a great fit for fantasy.

Search for materials on different parts of the world, authentic names and geographical names.

The occult Sciences and any other information about "parallel worlds".

The study of the flora and fauna, many strange creatures living at the bottom of the ocean or in the jungle, you may not even know, but their names, habits and features can be an amazing way to fit your character.

And totally win – win situation- an anagram. It is a literary way of rearranging letters in a word. Original, interesting, exciting.