Among the variety of reasons for constipation in children, the most common are alimentary factors, and the underfeeding, the high content in dietary protein (casein) or fat, not enough fiber. In children breast-fed on the intestines is affected by the diet of nursing mothers. Not less common cause is disorders of the nervous system, and some diseases – rickets, beriberi, congenital malformations of the intestine and fissures. Since your toddler is potty-trained, or during periods of habituation to children in kindergarten or school cause irregular emptying can become a psychological problem is shyness or fear.
To eliminate constipation in a child breastfeeding, observe your diet. Despite the high demand in protein-rich foods, limit its intake if it adversely affects the health of the baby. Also limit animal fats, eliminate white bread and pastry, sugar, strong tea and coffee, rice, pasta warm drinks. These products reduce the tone of the intestine and fix the baby chair. Be sure to take b vitamins and magnesium. Their deficiency in the mother's milk may be the cause of constipation in children.
Make a toddler daily circular massage of the abdomen, not capturing the right hypochondrium (liver) several times a day apply on the intestinal region (below the navel) warm diaper. Put the baby on the stomach for 10-15 minutes before each feeding. With the introduction of complementary foods every day, let the juices and applesauce homemade with vegetable puree. When the tendency of the baby to constipationm not in the diet include rice pudding and fresh white bread.
To eliminate constipation in children on artificial feeding necessary power correction – change of the mixture, the early introduction of juices, fruit and vegetable purees (1 month before), sufficient drinking boiled water, massage, warm diaper, putting some on his stomach. On prescription give the child vitamin B1.
Since accustom the child to the potty, it is important to develop he has a conditioned reflex to defecate, planting it at the same time. Better to do it in the morning. Then in kindergarten or school the baby will not feel the need to go to the toilet and the consequent embarrassment or fear.
If the treatment of constipation in a child with correction power fail, you should consult a pediatrician. Possible decreased tone of the intestine is associated with lack of vitamins b, D and magnesium, as well as lung diseases. Accordingly, the success in restoring the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract will depend on eliminating the cause.