What symptoms should cause concern?

So, start inspecting their moles. Use the process of elimination of the major signs of the degeneration of nevi. If you don't find them, then there is no reason to worry. And if you see any symptoms, it is best to check moles for cancer.

Do not put yourself diagnosed and do not panic. The presence of such signs is not a sentence but just a guess. The diagnosis should be put only specialist.

Usually moles with the years grow and grow. It is quite normal. Abnormal – when the increase occurs very quickly: a few millimeters for a few months.

Has a value and form moles. Mentally divide it into two halves – they should be symmetrical. When symmetry-breaking is also possible to assume the degeneration of a nevus.

Pay attention to the borders of the mole. She is healthy, if its shape is smooth. Curves, jagged edges – a signal of possible trouble.

On intensity of colour, some moles are lighter, others darker and that's okay too. But take a look: monochrome if the color within each nevus? If there are any inclusions of a different color or a lightening birthmarks? In norm it should not be.

Finally, there are obvious signs of trouble. If the mole is very swollen. Either she itches and itches. If flushed and bleeding. Or you experience pain in the nevus.

Touch the mole. Usually the pain is not a symptom of degeneration, as a consequence of infection or trauma. And those moles need to be uninstalled.

Whom to contact?

You can go to a dermatologist. He will either dispel your doubts, or direct in a cancer Institute or hospital for further diagnosis.

You can just refer to an oncologist or dermatologist, who specializiruetsya on cancers of the skin. It will examine the suspicious mole using a Dermatoscope, might make scraping it for the analysis of cell malignancy and give you a conclusion.

Malignant nevi, of course, be deleted unconditionally. But upon the slightest suspicion of problematic moles that can degenerate (and maybe not), oncologists recommend also to remove them. Agree and don't even hesitate – better safe than sorry!

But it should be done there, in the Oncology clinic. Today, many beauty salons that offer mole removal. But the beautician is not a specialist in the field of Oncology, with rare exceptions, a worker with the diploma nurses.

Often dangerous moles should be removed not laser, as is usually done in beauty salons, surgically or by irradiation. Laser surgery certainly has its advantages, but after it, the frequent recurrence of tumors.

Also don't try to bring the mole yourself, using the recipes of traditional medicine. Burning questionable nevus celandine or acid, can speed up the process of his rebirth.