You will need
  • Documents confirming the possession of land, a plot plan, reference, power project, a certificates of completion and compliance, records of inspections of equipment
The first step that you will have to go is to receive from the company responsible for the electricity in your area (typically this Modelgenerator, sales or district agencies of these organizations), a letter with a request to give you the technical conditions for electricity connection to the site. Mandatory attach to that email all the documents to land: land documents, land plan, a certificate of existence on your earth any other utilities (water, gas and so on). According to the law within one month these documents should be considered, after that you will send to the specified address list specifications for the electrification of the section.
The next step will be the preparation of the project of power supply to your area - this is a document containing a complete description of all phases of installation and operation of the grid, which is created in accordance with the applicable standards, regulations and the technical conditions that you sent. All subsequent work must be performed in strict accordance with this project. He agreed in the court that issued the technical requirements.
After approval of the project and carrying out all installation work you need to acts on these works and their conformity to the proposed project. Besides, specialists of the audit Committee must ensure the quality of work - their opinion is issued in the form of a certificate or verification report. Only after completing all the work and getting all the necessary documents you can again visit the district on the control of electrical networks with a request for connecting electricity to the site.