You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - title documents for the land plot;
  • - passport;
  • technical conditions;
  • - resolution;
  • - the contract for connection to the Central transmission line;
  • - the metering device;
  • cable;
  • - corrugated pipe;
  • - anchor-hook.
To obtain permission for power connection, please contact the district office of a company that supplies energy. Apply, give details of owner, address, or suburban area. The statement also must specify what kind of power consumption you'll need. If you use a standard set of appliances, it is enough to specify the required power of 5 kW. To connect the circular saw, use a welding machine and other powerful electrical appliances include 10-12 kW.
In addition to applications, you will need the title documents for the suburban area. All the documents present in QCD. Specifications make from one to two months. The terms depend on the region of application.
Installation and connection on the most suburban area you can carry out yourself. For direct connection to the Central power lines you should ask the team of electricians from the supplying company.
For supply of electricity to the country site you'll need insulated copper cable with cross section 3 kW, corrugated pipe along the length of the cable, the anchor-hook, the device of the account of electric energy.
The electric meter must comply with state standards and have a certificate allowing use of the device in Russia. Buying it in the store, pay special attention to this.
After connecting to power lines guide the metering and make internal wiring in the country house. If the house you have, and you spend electricity to the site, in addition to the counter you'll need to buy a metal mounting box with lock in which to install the metering device.
The final step is to connect the commissioning and preparation of the agreement for the supply of electricity. For making the act of commissioning of the energy consumption invite the authorized representative of the power company.
Received act, please contact the Department on work with clients and sign a contract.