In most cases, the accumulation of mucus goes unnoticed, because it has characteristic features. And except for frequent colds, it is formed and poor eating habits when the diet is dominated by thermally processed and starchy foods. Therefore, the restoration of smell , start with the correction of the daily menu and during the treatment go on vegetarian diet or eat lean meat. Eliminate from the diet all kinds of bakery and confectionery products, sugar, fatty and fried foods. Limit your intake of potatoes and milk.

For a successful recovery of the sense of smell to observe a certain sequence. To start using steam baths make softening mucus. In addition to this purpose, this procedure is useful for cleansing the bronchi and lungs, and pores on the skin. Take her up to three times for 15-20 minutes. If you have dry skin before a steam bath lubricate the face cream or vegetable oil. To couples was more effective use of herbs – sage, mint, nettle, or a spoonful of ground fennel. Over a steam bath cover up with a towel with his head. Breathe through your nose, out through your mouth. After 15-20 minutes, take a warm shower but do not wet the head. And after showering, to increase circulation, warm up body (a few circular movements of the arms, legs, torso and head.

To further dissolve mucus prepare 150 g of horseradish and the juice of 2-3 lemons. Mashed and mixed together, take half a teaspoon 2 times daily on an empty stomach. For nose drops prepare a mixture of peppermint, snuff and eucalyptus. Pour the collection in a quart jar (¼ of its volume), pour olive oil so it covers the grass and let it stand until a homogeneous mass. Morning and evening, place 20 drops in each nostril, and then a few minutes keep your head up. Store mixture in a dark place.

After thinning the mucus, proceed to its removal from the nose. To do this, use a saline solution or a decoction of pine needles. For washing, prepare half a liter of fluid in each nostril and using a syringe or special kettle to rinse the nose, by introducing into it solution. For a more rapid cleansing of nose from mucus solution it is better to draw a nose, alternately each nostril (while closing the opposite) and spit it through your mouth.

Cleansing of nose from mucus can be carried out without dilution – only one washing. But it will take a little more time. To prevent the accumulation of mucus every morning and evening, after cleansing the teeth, rinse several times the throat (tonsils). This method is not less effective in cleansing of the nasopharynx. Moreover the gargle activates brain activity, which is important in the beginning of the working day. Continue to adhere to proper nutrition. Limit the consumption of slime products – milk, potatoes, bread and sugar.