You will need
  • ring;
  • - flowers;
  • - wrapping paper for gifts or flowers;
  • tape, scissors, fishing line or thread;
  • - matryoshka;
  • greeting envelope, paper, pens, glue.
Purchase a beautiful flower, whether a wild rose or a chic red Astra. Carefully place the ring in the middle of the Bud, passing into it a couple of petals. If you have any doubts about the integrity of the ring, the Bud should be wrapped with a transparent film with a special skirt. The top edge of the decor protracted bright ribbon. The necessary materials you can buy at the flower Mart. Packing a flower, presented it to your beloved and invite them to enjoy the aroma of your gift.
An alternative method is to mount the rings to the stems of the flowers. In this case, your chosen flowers go in the ring. It turns out that the stems of the flowers are connected by the decoration. Present the bouquet, concealing the hand is a surprise, and only when the girl bring the hands to accept the gift, then open your hand.
Make ring new year gift. Tie decoration metallic ribbon, securing it with a knot bow. Then hang the ring on a branch of a tree or pine to other toys hid it. At the critical moment, invite the beloved to find a gift with the game "hot or cold".
How to give original ring
Climb a floor higher than living your girl. For example, ask the neighbors to use their balcony for responsible case. Tie a ring on a thin transparent fishing line, then call your favorite and ask them to leave it on the balcony under any pretext. Perhaps at this point the window is a rainbow, the rain or snow. Try to say convincingly. As soon as you notice that the girl on the balcony, carefully unroll a spool of fishing line and lower ring. If you continue talking on the phone, be careful not to drop from the hands of neither the one nor the other. As soon as the lover will see the decoration, can you tell her about your feelings.
To use the idea with the postal mail. Buy a nice bright envelope or fabricate it with your own hands. Write a beautiful message and enclose it in the envelope along with the decoration. Cover letter, specify the destination and drop the envelope in the mailbox of your ladies heart. Services email to use is not necessary in order to avoid problems and unforeseen situations. Then favorite hint that she would do well to check the mail under the pretext of receiving Newspapers, flyers or vouchers. Let your letter will be the most desired and memorable for her.
How to give original ring
Give the girl a doll. Of course, it will come at a loss of your show, twist in hands, think about your choice, but then it definitely starts to open. As soon as it comes to the latest figures, she finds instead a beautiful ring. It will be both surprised and pleased at the same time. Beloved will appreciate your imagination. By the way, the last figure after the declassification of surprise back to the doll.