Try to talk to your favorite. Explain the reason for your actions and genuinely repent of their deeds. Tell me, what are you willing to take responsibility for the wrong. It is important again to win over your spouse and try by all means to regain her trust.
Control your emotions. You need to talk in a relaxed atmosphere with a cool head, otherwise too rough expression of emotions can lead to renewed fighting. Even if you will fall reproaches from his wife, try to reassure her, to caress you, do not respond to aggression with aggression.
Help her around the house and personal matters, let her feel your caring and desire to become her real support. By all means show that you care for her.
Don't forget to compliment me. A woman it is vitally important to hear pleasant words in the address of a loved one. In women there is a constant need for maintenance of self-esteem and confidence. Talking about your spouse need with love and sincere, a woman will feel any hypocrisy.
Speak words of love. The lack of such a confession inspires a spouse to think that your feelings may have cooled down, therefore, quarrels and clarify the relationship become routine in your family life. Repeat the wife that she's the favorite, your feelings are not able to modify any disagreements.
You need to be more careful and not to neglect the requests of his wife. If working late, change of plans, be sure to call and warn. Try to carry out you do, if because of their daily workload, forget, ask to remind you.
To reach and destroy the formed after a quarrel barrier, make wife something nice. Invite on a date, have a romantic dinner in your performance. Take care of small surprises for his beloved woman. Pleasant impressions and emotions will help to establish harmony in family relationships.
It is not necessary to spread to friends or relatives about the incident of the quarrel. Once you make it up, everything will return to normal, and a possible reminder of the incident from the outside, is able to provoke a new scandal.