Relevant in this season are translucent boots–sandals, which look great on the woman's leg. On these attractive sandals are very feminine and will look fishnet lace netting.
In the hot summer days are quite popular are the sandals that are embellished with stones, roses or appliques. With the help of such elements you can create a Flirty, easy way, which is very relevant in the summer season.
Also in the coming fashion season are popular, pointed shoes. They are elegant and look amazing on a woman's leg, are perfect for all styles, and, what is important, visually lengthen the legs.
Shoes with a small cutout that allow you to demonstrate a nice pedicure, also look very sexy and attractive. This season is such a model of women's shoes are at the peak of popularity. In addition, these models should be on a small platform and high heel.
Fashion hit of summer shoes are sandals. Will the traditional gladiators with high sole. Special attention deserves a high gladiators. In a time when low sandals pale against the backdrop of a beautiful blouse or skirt, high model may be the highlight of the original image and to attract attention.
Fashion this summer is wedges. It can be sandals with platform and wedge and wedge without a platform. Colorful and bright colors wedgies only accentuates the beautiful summer mood.
Ballet flats – comfortable footwear which never goes out of fashion ever. When tired of high heel shoes, replacing them can be fashionable ballet flats low heels. Bright prints, a variety of jewelry, flowers – it's a fashion decoration for shoes of the summer season.