Before you choose new, it is worth pondering that if a thing is in Vogue, it doesn't mean that it will be useful to health. So first of all before buying summer shoes, you need to know what material it is sewn.

One of the latest summer shoes are the slipper "slips". It's a great novelty, which is a universal shoes and will suit absolutely any age. The most important thing that most slips are made from cotton, which absorbs moisture, thereby sweating feet. Therefore, in such shoes you can walk all day, feet will remain safe and sound.

The second option, which initially was used only for exploring the beaches, began to spread in the city. This is the familiar "flip-flops". One of the most interesting combinations with the shoes is jeans of any style, but preferably straight, with a classic top and plastic decorations. At first glance it may seem that this combination is a complete nonsense, so it is to dismiss such things. But a detailed examination by fashion critics found this style and the combination of something fresh and unique new, so I decided to take this option as a new discovery.

The third option, which at the present time is every second woman or girl. This Roman sandals. Of course, ideally, the most profitable are they disclosed in combination with skirts of any length or dress casual. With a classic dress you need to be careful, since then the shoes have to be executed in the same style and the same theme as the dress. But such a combination is extremely difficult to find, so better not to risk it to save the overall concept.

As for shoes heels, here dominated by trends that had taken the podium many years ago and remained on it dominate. In any case, the fashion house does not cease to exist, and, probably, soon will appear new forms of shoes that will conquer the hearts of fashionistas and burst into the hit parade of popular models.