Where to go in November? November in Russia – not the most comfortable month. But any situation there is a way. Before choosing a place to stay, decide what criteria – what you want this holiday and can get. Tune in to what, in spite of the late autumn, all the best for you is just beginning, and there will be plenty of opportunities to spend your November vacation vividly and accurately.

Five reasons to spend the November holidays in Russia:
1. There is a chance to relax budget.
2. Don't have to spend a lot of time on the road.
3. You can admire mother nature.
4. There is an opportunity to introduce the child and to touch the history, architecture, and art.
5. Benefit of the sea air, even in November, has not been canceled.

Royal vacation

There is a widespread belief that in Russia, especially in late autumn, to spend the holiday with comfort and fun is almost impossible. This is not so. For those who dream about staying in a secluded bit of peace and tranquility, it is quite suitable a great number of sanatoriums, which at this time of year almost empty. You will feel the royals – a state of workers and all just for you.

Active rest

Love chilling with? Want communication? Then go closer to the water and loaded into one of the river steamers. A leisure cruise along the Oka river, the Volga, don and other rivers will give you an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to socialize. You can also ride on the Gold ring and admire the sights of ancient cities.

Prefer to spend your holiday actively? Then the fishing. The bite in November is wonderful. Mosquitoes anymore. On the shore the tent is still quite possible. Romance of fire, ear from his own caught fish. A good change of scenery. Or rafting on numerous mountain rivers. This is for the already very active.

But if still the sea?

Then go to Sochi or Crimea. Prices in November there is a very nice. Little people. Instead of lying on the beach – walking along the seashore, excursions, good service and maybe swimming in the sea. If you're lucky with the weather, the water may not be as cold as it seems. Only after swimming should immediately dry off, get dressed... and go Cycling or Hiking in the arboretum, Botanical garden, Jogging along the coastline. In General, all for your health, vitality and good rest.