Dental lasers

One of the newest and most exciting technology was the laser treatment the teeth. Dental lasers are a family of surgical and applied for bleaching the tooth enamel, removal of the affected tissue, they are also used when restoring teeth. Depending on the desired treatment, the dentist may be affected by the laser for a long time, and can apply spot touch. This procedure is unsafe for the eyes so be sure to use special protective glasses.

Laser treatment involves minimal use of painkillers. Have very well proved this method in the treatment of gum disease, because bleeding is minimized. It is very new, just beginning to develop the technology, so not all dentists have been able to master. And those who got the necessary skills, must have a certificate with the authorization to conduct laser treatment.

Grinding air

This technology completely replaces the procedure of drilling the affected area of the tooth. This is due to tiny abrasive particles that clean the oral cavity from the affected tissues, preparing his way to install the seals. In most cases this method does not require the use of anesthesia, because the particles of abrasive material very precisely directed to the desired area. Another advantage of this method is that healthy tissue is not affected, occurs exclusively damaged. This method is ideal for treating cavities in early stages.

Digital radiology

This newest digital technology enables dentists to receive and store diagnostic images using the computer. The appears on the monitor instantly, it is possible to increase it and show the patient all treatment options. Also along with this comes the ability to send an image electronically to a colleague or insurance company. While radiology on digital media has not replaced completely conventional way, but the development is rapid, and soon the use of digital technologies in dentistry will be commonplace.

Intraoral camera

At the moment a tiny video camera designed for dental treatment. With its help, the dentist takes pictures of the mouth and transmits it to the computer that assists in the diagnosis of diseases. Camera gives you the opportunity to show the expert what x-ray is not always able to transfer that allows you to identify problems at an early stage. In addition, it gives the patient the opportunity to see your mouth through the eyes of a dentist, which often contributes to a more thorough dental care in the future.

Fearless visit to the dentist

The good news for patients dental office is that dental treatment can be pain-free. Innovations in technology and technique of injection gives the possibility to make the anesthesia painless. In addition, the fashion is the presence in dental clinics specialists who are able to calm not only the baby in the dentist chair, but an adult.

Cosmetic dentistry, and videos

A new generation of dental materials looks surprisingly natural, it allows anyone to become the owner of a beautiful smile, perfectly aligned rows of teeth, to correct any defects. There is also the possibility to design your future smile with the help of new video technology.