Prosthetics are now available for people of all ages. It can be done even in the absence of teeth. Before the prosthesis to be made of the sanitation of the oral cavity, mucous membranes of the gums and carious teeth. You can then use the method of prosthetics. By the way, all modern methods can be divided into fixed and removable.


If the patient is missing many teeth and he wants to save money, the best option would be affordable dentures. In turn, they are classified into laminar and clasp. Partial dentures are usually made from nylon, plastics, high-strength, acrylic and other materials.

As for bugel prosthetics, we are talking about assistive devices that rely on the special arc. The sky remains open and the sensitivity to tastes is also saved. It turns out that there is a thin piece of plastic replaced on the arc. For mounting such prosthesis dentists typically use a variety of locks.

Non-removable dentures

The objective of prosthetics is to attach the dentures to the teeth or roots for a long period of time. In the process of installing metal crowns first made a special frame from an alloy of chromium, cobalt, platinum or gold. Then this frame is covered with ceramics. Very convenient that such a crown is not required to remove the pulp. Usually metal-ceramic crowns put on one or several teeth at once (bridges). They are often used for posterior teeth because of the special strength.

Often doctors suggest patients to put metal free crowns. They are entirely made of durable ceramic. Ceramics – this is the most expensive type of prosthesis. It is recommended to put it on your teeth in the smile zone. These crowns look very aesthetically pleasing.

The front teeth should be set so-called ceramic veneers, or "lining". They are made of thin ceramic layer and try to install on a partially destroyed teeth. Also veneers can be used to correct congenital defects of the front teeth.

Even in the most difficult situations (in the absence of the tooth) will help prosthetics using implants. But the cost of such treatment will be high enough.

How to make the right choice?

It turns out that when choosing a method of prosthetics is necessary to consider the condition of the dentition, the condition of the bite and many other factors. Usually, the doctor-prosthetist always offers the patient the best option. But you have to take into account financial opportunities. For example, removable dentures – this is a budget that is affordable to many people. But these prosthetics can lead to rubbing of the gums and discomfort in the mouth. So it is better to stay on fixed method.

The ratio "price-quality" is the best metal-ceramic prosthetics. It is not as expensive as ceramic. And at the same time crowns with a metal frame very reliable.