What are the logs

Today there are several electronic journals of student progress and electronic diaries of the student. The most famous Diary.<url>, AVERS: Electronic class journal, ACS "Virtual school". Each of this software was created to facilitate the teacher's work, as well as accessibility and control on the part of parents towards their children.

Of course, the development of information technologies is a clear advantage for the system of school education in Russia. However, the key in connection with the introduction of electronic log and diary was the question of the teachers with electronic magazine.

Today, school teachers implicitly obliged to fill two magazines, both paper and electronic. But even this is not caused General teachers ' outrage, and the fact that many of them are not equipped workplace for your cool magazine, because many teachers are forced to fill in an electronic journal in their spare time, often at home.

Order e-journal

Subject to all requirements and complete the organization of the automated workplace of the teacher filling the electronic journal entirely analogous to the usual every teacher the procedure of a conventional paper log. For e-resource for each teacher in the school creates an account with individual usernames and passwords. It is important for teachers to prevent the spread of information about your account, otherwise students will get the opportunity to get into the magazine. For students and parents create their accounts.

At the beginning of the new academic year each class teacher makes a list of students from his class in the e-zine fills certain data are identical to those in paper magazine are on the last page – address, information about parents. Depending on the program, the choice of which depends on the region and even specific schools, completeness of data about students and parents varies. By the way, for the next academic year list of students homeroom teacher to fill in is not necessary – at the end of the year, the program will translate it automatically for the new school year. That is, a class list can be formed once, and then need to add new students.

The teacher should make a calendar-thematic planning in the electronic system. Often you have to do just download the file in Word format or Excel. Further, each teacher fills out an electronic log of each lesson. He introduces the topic of the lesson notes at the beginning of the lesson missing. In class during the survey, the work of students at the blackboard the teacher puts the grades in an electronic grade book. At the end of the lesson the teacher should make the electronic journal homework.

It should say that e-zine is directly connected with the electronic diary of the pupil, because the information about grades and homework goes in there automatically. This is convenient because no time is spent on grading in journals and virtually eliminated the substitution of assessments with students.

For a cool electronic journal of the future, and paper will eventually fade into the past. But how long teachers will have to complete two of the journal – is still unknown.