You will need
  • - computer or laptop
  • - Internet access
To start, determine the target audience of your e - journal and other important parameters. Compose written answers to the questions: "What is the approximate standard portrait of my reader?", "What topics will be covered in the magazine?", "How often is he going to go?". Note, however, that the electronic journal will be of interest primarily to the active users of the Internet.
Based on the recorded information, select the name of the journal and the domain name of your publication's website. Consider the design and layout, mark the main headings. The cost of the work of the designer, coder, domain name purchase and hosting for the website - will be the major investment at this stage.
Before you withdraw your brainchild to the market, decide the issue of authors who will deliver you the texts for the magazine. In the future it will be possible to buy articles on stock exchanges ready content on the Internet or to attract as authors of the readers.
Place a subscription form into your journal on the main page of the site. Usually electronic journals distributed free of charge. The main income would come to you from advertising placed in the publication. Therefore, it is important to take care of the largest number of subscribers. This will help the further promotion of the site.
In the future, place the archive rooms of the magazine. This is to ensure that potential subscribers had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the content of the magazine. Take care of advertising publications on the resources similar to it in theme.
As a rule of the form, select the IP, if the Creator of the magazine one, and - if there are several. Of tax systems is better to choose the simplified tax system with object of the taxation "Incomes". In that case you will have to pay a tax of 6% of the total income, minus pension contributions. Report on tax need once a year.